What Adventure Awaits You?

adventure awaits

I keep hearing the same thing from people ‘I am living vicariously through you right now!’ While I am flattered by this and the fact that you are following along in my journey and cheering me on, I would rather you be out there experiencing life too!

I’m all about adventure…even more so in this stage of my life. Adventure helps build your confidence by getting you out of your comfort zone! In my last post, I talked about how it has helped me face fear head on to the point fear is scared of me now 😉 But most importantly adventure opens up doors to experience so much of what our world has to offer. It can stretch you to a place you never imagined going. It can lead down a path that can completely change your life for the better.

Overall though, as many of you have seen and commented, adventures are a ton of fun!! Which is why it’s hard for me to hear so many say they enjoy watching me do it, but aren’t taking the step to embark on their own.

I understand it is not for everybody. That sitting on the sidelines watching is enough adventure for them. And I can respect that. But then there are those of you who I can see the envy and the longing in your faces. And what I say to you is: I WAS you once! I had fear get in my way. I over-thought a lot to the point I would just talk myself out of it. I would think negatively about myself, like how I’m not good enough or strong enough to do that. I would find excuses to say no.

Then I said YES to one thing…and then YES to another…and realized just how thrilling and life-changing adventures can be!

if it scares youin the end

My hope in sharing my journey would not only be that you follow along but that it would encourage and inspire you to try to step out of your own comfort zones and embrace an adventure that has been calling your name for awhile. That you take the time to learn about yourself and appreciate the world we live in. I guarantee you that you will return with a new appreciation on life and yourself!

So next time you see me posting about going dancing on a Friday night or that I’m planning my next travel destination, think about something that you’ve always wanted to do and find the courage and strength I know you have in you to step into an adventure that has been awaiting you!

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