Soulful Friendships


I have been reminded this past week this past year just how grateful I am for the people I have in my life. I couldn’t help but reflect on how some of these wonderful people entered my life at just the right moments. I think of how some new people entered my life just a year ago and have become incredible rocks of support to me months later when some who had been in my life for years had drifted off. 


So much has happened this past year and through each hurdle there has been someone there to offer support and encouragement. Not every situation calls for the same friend either. It’s quite intriguing to see how different situations bring out different friends. Like the friend who can sit with you and eat vegan ice cream and be a shoulder to cry on, one who can kick your butt out of bed and get you back to the land of the living. And for us ladies, our male friends who are great for helping us understand just how the male mind operates.  And let me tell you, I’m so grateful for the male friends in my life because when it especially comes to dating and understanding how their minds work, your guy friends will tell you exactly how it is, no BS…just straight shooting. You may not appreciate it in the moment and it may be hard to hear, but you will be grateful in the end! 

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As I was chatting with a friend today, we talked about how some of these relationships come into our life for just a season. My friend pool from just 3 years ago is quite different from the one I have today. But I am also in a different place in my life now than I was then. And though it can be sad to think of those friendships not being there anymore, I truly believe they each served a purpose. Each can probably say they learned something about themselves from it. I know I can look back on some of my past ones and see where I was challenged and made to look at myself differently. I can also see how they were just the right people I needed in my life at that time. And even though not all end perfectly and some may just drift off…I can at least look back on them and know they made an impact on my life and can feel grateful for what each relationship taught me.

blog8So for those who may read this who might not be in my life as much as before, know that I am incredibly grateful for the impact your friendship had on me. My hope is that you can look back on it and feel that you grew from it as well.


And for those in life now, in this crazy topsy turvy season I am in, thank you for being along for the ride and for being that steadfast support and encouragement. I don’t know how I could get through all of life’s challenges that have been thrown my way without you all. Know that you are valued, that you are special, and that you are loved.

My Sunday encouragement to you is to think of those people in your life who have your back, lift you up when you are down, and who make sure you realize just how amazing you are.

Then take a moment and thank them for it.

Because when life hands you lemons, they will come in with the tequila and turn that sh*t into some kick-ass lemonade 🙂

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