Set Your Soul On Fire


I have had this unsettled feeling deep in my core for a few years now. Like there is something missing in my life. I have felt like I have been lightly searching for it for the last few years…sitting in the feeling and seeing if it would just tell me already what it was I needed so I could go and get it already! This is my impatient self talking. I’m usually a ‘if I want it, I want it NOW’ type of person. But what I have realized is that I tend to miss a lot of greatness along the way.

And that feeling only intensified the last few months. As if it’s telling me GO, GO NOW AND SEARCH FOR IT! So I answered the call by doing a polar plunge on January 1st. Something I clearly remember saying I would never do, though deep down inside I secretly wished I was brave enough. I’m definitely more of an adventurous, free-spirited girl who enjoys spontaneity. But a lot of the time I have let fear get in my way. But having taken some pretty scary steps the last year to really search out happiness, that fear has taken a bit of a backseat with confidence and a JUST GO FOR IT attitude in the driver’s seat! And this is where the plunge comes in. Knowing full well this may come across cheesy…it was seriously a life-changing, pivotal moment for me. As soon as the water hit my legs, I felt this amazing feeling of freedom. Like the fear had been released and replaced with a renewed sense of adventure. This is when my Year of Yes truly began. I realized then I didn’t want to pass up or miss out on amazing opportunities that could be incredibly rewarding and would most likely teach me something about myself.


Since the plunge in January, I have ventured into the dating world, taken spontaneous road trips, tried interesting foods and have said yes to some crazy stuff (nothing that would get me into too much trouble 😉 ). And it has been the most amazing feeling. I have felt more free and more like myself than ever before. I think because I’m finally allowing myself to truly live. I’m no longer getting in the way of my own happiness.

That said, the unsettled feeling still creeps in. But I’ve found out that it has a purpose. I don’t think it’s a feeling that will ever go away. I think it’s actually my soul kicking me to tell me ‘Ok, we’ve been sitting dormant long enough, time for your next adventure!’ So when the unsettled feeling comes over me, I start looking at ways to answer the call…where can I travel to next? What sort of fun, totally out there activity could I try out now? Maybe I should get a tattoo?

I’m really loving this new, adventurous me and all the great memories and experiences that are coming along with it! I’m learning to set my free-spirited self free and seeing where she will take me. It’s about really loving life and making time for the moments that really set my soul on fire. And by going in that direction, recognizing the unsettled feeling as my soul in search of adventure, I have let myself become open to one incredible life journey.

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