Love, You’re Not Alone

love youre not aloneI took this photo on the last morning of my California adventure. Many asked and pondered why I was jaunting off to one of my favourite locations solo, and from recent posts I’m sure you can put two and two together.

On my last morning I woke before the sun and headed off to Huntington Beach aka Surf City to watch the sun and surfers roll in. I remember all the emotions I was feeling in this very moment as I sat on the beach, sand between my toes…the salty air blanketing my skin. The knowledge that a new beginning would start as soon as I stepped off the plane hit me hard. A new adventure was about to begin and I was embarking on this one…solo.

If I could go back to that moment in August, where I sat looking at the ocean with what felt like the weight of the world sitting on top of my shoulders, and tell myself one thing it would be : You’re Not Alone. The knowledge of that has brought me the most comfort. Knowing there are more out there just like me, who get it, have been through it, and have come out of the other side of it. That is what gives me the strength and encouragement to lift my head up and keep moving forward.

So no matter what you are struggling with today, my hope is that you have the comfort in knowing that: love, you’re not alone.

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