It’s Not Always Rainbows & Butterflies

ok not to be

Sometimes I get the sense that people think I’m always ok…like everything is good. Maybe it’s perceived through a lot of the images I post and the events I share. At first glance, and if that’s all you take, you would think I’m completely happy and have it all together. I have actually been told this by a couple of people before! Well I hate to break it to you…it’s not true. I have low days. And I’m writing this now because I’m just coming off of a couple of days where I felt anything but happy. I’m preparing to move out of a house I lived in for over 5 years, I’ve had some complicated challenges this past week, & I’ve been forced to look very deep within myself and have sometimes not liked what I have seen. But what I realized through all of it is that I still felt I had to keep up this face that I’m ok because people assume I always am. Crazy, right? Thankfully I have patient friends in my life who let me completely crumble in front of them and vent til there is no more wine left and nothing else to say. But all of this got me thinking. Why do I feel I have to hide it?

Most of what we see through social media are these images of people having fun, who look like they have it all together. I’m guilty too! But it’s like we have this pressure to measure up to it…to constantly show our ‘friends and followers’ that all is right in our worlds and look at us being completely together and emotionally perfect. HA!

The reason I started this blog was because I wanted to share my journey with others, knowing full well it would not be all rainbows and butterflies. And I wanted to share the good with the ugly because that is REAL! Life is not all good..sorry! It has major bumps along the way that can leave you with some nasty bruises. But they heal, you learn and you move on! But that is a HUGE part of the journey of life! And why should we feel we have to hide that part of it? It only constantly makes us feel bad to see people only happy and questioning why we can’t feel or experience the same! And I will be the first to admit that I get those same feelings too when I go through my social feeds. Well guess what? They’re not always having a good day! And for those who have said to me ‘you always look so happy and put together’ > I am not always all put together…and the major life challenges I have faced have proved that! But the moment we realize that life is not all made up of what we see on our computer screens, we start to see the reality of the world and accept the unhappy & unpleasant moments as a part of life.


So yea, I sometimes have really sh*tty days where I feel lonely, sad, angry and anything BUT joyous. Because, as I go along in my journey of major life changes, those feelings are going to come along with it. In fact, I’m always going to have those emotions come and go…because that’s life! And once I accept them as a part of life’s process…strangely enough…happiness starts to creep its way back in. Because I realize that I’m normal, I’m not alone, and that I have to sometimes go through those emotions and tough days in order to learn how to get to the good ones!

So I guess the point I’m really trying to stress is to not look at my Instagram and Facebook and take those images at face value. Yes, those were true moments of happiness and fun. And I love sharing them with the world because I believe we need to live more in the moment! But remember that those are moments and don’t paint the entire picture of my life. Yes, for the most part I have really great days and live with a lot of joy and happiness. But it has its struggles and that’s reality. And I want to make sure you see the tough sides of it too because maybe you need to know in this moment that you are not alone <3

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