It’s Been Awhile…

Anyone else now have the Staind song in their head? Ya, me either… 😉

So yes! It’s been over a year since I wrote on here! That would be for a variety of reasons…one being that I changed my name and didn’t know nor have the time to figure out how exactly to change my blog’s domain etc. Google is pretty great for things like that! It’s also been quite an exciting year as well! My career changed which left me with very limited time to sneak over here and post an update. I also met a pretty awesome guy who has become a permanent fixture in my life. And my passport got a workout!

So you would think I would have had much to write about, but unfortunately didn’t get on here to do it. No time like the present, right? And what better way to kick of 2018 then by returning to a place where I shared how change really started for me!

All of the above may sound pretty amazing…won’t lie…so much of it was and IS! But it didn’t come without its challenges. It was great to be back in the political world! I love my job because it brings me right to the centre of the community where I meet and interact with incredible people. I love the work I get to do and those I get to do it with! The fact that there are days where it doesn’t even feel like work, means you are where you should be! But my job isn’t your typical 9-5 day… which means I have to really be cognizant of balancing my time and ensuring I make some for myself and the people I care about…but more importantly myself in order to keep me mentally healthy. It’s a challenge and one I am not always great at. But I have a pretty great guy who reminds me of the importance of it. And on that note…

That great guy! Well we celebrated a year of dating back on November 25!  It’s been a great year of learning…for both of us! Main thing: communication is SO IMPORTANT! It is not easy coming from a divorce and embarking into a new relationship. It’s easy to fall into old habits and old thought processes. But communication is really what saves it. Being able to talk things out and share how you feel can make a huge difference. And I’m incredibly grateful to have found a guy who values those things as much as I do and knows it takes work. Doesn’t hurt that he also loves adventure, traveling, food (he cooks ladies!!!) and is a superb organizer! #SoulMate

This year I was super blessed to be able to travel to 8 countries, 6 of them within a two week span! I started it off by showing the boyfriend my love for California! I then took off in the summer on a two week adventure to Kenya-Zambia-Zimbabwe-Botswana-Namibia and back to Kenya! I will do a future post just on my travel adventures because it was one amazing adventure! I was then off to Scotland with the boyfriend. He is in the reserves and was invited to attend and carry a very special sword into the Edinburgh Tattoo. I of course really didn’t understand the magnitude of this all (I just saw another stamp on the passport and a trip with my love to a new place!) But it was a once in a lifetime experience and one neither of us will forget!

In other news, Sleep Tight held its 4th annual PJ Party back in November with a record number of attendees! THANK YOU to so many who continue to support my campaign to help combat human trafficking!

I have been grateful to have had several opportunities to be a guest speaker at a variety of events where I have shared my story of being in foster care, the work I do to advocate for our youth in care and to hopefully inspire and encourage others to rally around and support our young people!  Including their post secondary education!

So here we are, 2018! I know for many, 2017 may not have seemed like the best. But I would encourage you to look at the highlight reel instead. For me, it was a year of many firsts, lots of air miles, and whole lot of love and laughter! I can only hope to have a fraction of that in 2018. My passport still has a page clear for more travel and my soul will always have the need to explore! 

Cheers to you and this new year upon us. May it be full of love, laughter, adventure and moments where you take time to dance in the rain

Thanks for reading!

PS: I encourage you to share with me how 2017 shaped up for you and your goals for 2018. Feel free to add them in the comments below!

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