I’m Ready for Ya 2016!


**This was a FB post I shared that included the link to an article about How To Support a Friend Through Divorce. Seeing as that is a BIG part of this new journey that I am, I thought it fitting to include it here as my first post. **

I know for some this post will state the obvious, for you have been the most amazing friends I could have ever asked for this past year. But there are the few who have almost gone in hiding or have decided that avoiding it could mean it’s not real. Let me break it to you…it’s real…it’s not changing…so come out of hiding and let’s grab drinks! I also know for some this may come as a surprise and may stir some questions…for which I would encourage you to ask them in a private message knowing full well many will just comment in the open below. Just remember to think before you press send and that everyone will read it and has free reign to comment on your comment

In any case, those who know me well know I am an open book…someone who prefers to take her experiences and share them with the world because you never know who it may encourage or help along the way. Or as a dear friend put it: ‘You live your life open so others can learn’. Pretty much!

So if you have a friend who is going through a separation/divorce either from a marriage or what I’ve also learned this year…a friendship… then this is the advice for you! And if you choose to not read it…maybe because you’re still surprised or coming completely out of hiding is too much just yet…then here is one piece of advice I would like to give hopefully as a way to avoid hearing it below…DON’T SAY YOU’RE SORRY. It is the most awkward comment to navigate because it leaves them feeling bad for being happy…and I will not feel bad for being in a place of happiness. I’m also prepared for the backlash my openness will also bring and that I will never apologize for!

As for you, 2015, thank you for being a year of growth, self-reflection, & sometimes darkness, those being the moments I’ve found I learned the most! I will always remember you fondly as the year I really started to find my true self and own it!
I’m ready for ya 2016!!

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