roadtripThis journey. It has become one of some major self reflection and pushing of boundaries that have, in some instances, brought me way out of my comfort zone. I have been challenged and have been kicked in the ass. But I have noticed something along the way. I’m not giving up. I’m incredibly focused on experiencing everything this new life, with its many challenges & obstacles, has to offer me.

But in my being so focused I have noticed one thing. That I’m sometimes pushing out or questioning things that might be perceived to me as being in the way. Ones that I have thought of that could pop up in my life and would cause me to question this would be a totally new career move, a new person/relationship, or a spontaneous travel opportunity. I start to get a little nervous that these things may affect my path, interrupt the journey and cause me to lose focus.

So I have taken some time to think about what that would all mean. What if I were to open myself up to a new person or new career….or a chance to travel to a different country for 3 or 4 weeks…or more? How would this change this path that I think I am on?

Well, it was in those quiet moments of reflecting that I realized something. Those all would be A PART of the journey. Have you ever been on a road trip where you are travelling along and you pass something that looks so breathtaking, fun, and/or maybe even crazy that you just have to check it out? And maybe you drive right on by, but you always remember it and wish you could go back and see what it was all about. OR maybe you turn the car around and stop at it and find out it has the most amazing views of the sunset or the best fries you’ve ever eaten. I’m on that road trip right now and I have continually said that if this is my YEAR OF YES, I want to experience everything life has to offer…but my old behaviour is to stay on the highway and just get there already which can lead me to miss out on those fantastic, memorable stops along the way.**


Those stops ARE a part of the journey and the moment I have started to recognize this, I have suddenly had more peace. That maybe these aren’t so much ‘stops’ but detours. Or maybe they were a part of the journey all along. But one thing I know is that I have missed out on a lot in my life. Whether it’s because of my childhood, my choices, or my fear that I have let get in the way. And though I have these old behaviours of just wanting to be at my destination already, I have a stronger passion to not miss out on anything along the way. For that new career move may lead to travelling the world, that new person could become the friend you share your dreams with or a great relationship that teaches you more about yourself, and that travel opportunity could open the door to a whole world of adventure. So instead of fearing those moments and how they may interrupt my journey, I’m taking a closer look at them and if they align with my heart, with my goals, and my YEAR of YES, then I get to add another exciting new chapter into my journey.

**I totally cried while writing this part, which I’ve learned is my souls way of saying that I’ve hit a nerve and I need to explore this more. I don’t cry very often so I always listen to my mind when I do. It is usually trying to tell me something. And in this case, I think it was telling me that I have hit an area here that means a lot to me. That it hits the core of my being and is something so important to my soul. That though I have missed many great stops on my life journey, I have so many more to experience and don’t want to let myself or my fears to stand in the way of that!**

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